Strength Through Excellence

Business Principles

Business Principles

The firm is a responsible corporate citizen and endeavors to consistently comply with all regulatory requirements in our fields of activity.

The firm strongly espouses the principles and goals embodied in the Broad-Based BEE Act No.53 of 2003 and BEE Act 46 of 2013.

The firm’s primary duty of care is to responsibly and profitably manage the funds under our management. This requires integrity, fairness and transparency in our dealings with the limited partners in our funds.

The firm’s second duty of care is to our investee companies, clients, counterparties and business partners. The firm approaches our dealings with these with integrity, fairness and transparency.

The firm believes strongly that our assets are our people, our capital and our reputation. The firm seeks to hire and retain the highest caliber of people, to increase the firm’s capital and assets under management through superior investment performance and to protect and promote our reputation.